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Réalités Industrielles - Novembre 2022 - Hydrogène et décarbonation




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November 2022 - Hydrogen and decarbonation

Issue Editor : Claude Trink and Mathieu Monville


Roland Lescure

Minister Delegate in charge of Industry

Introduction : What strategy for the low-carbon hydrogen industry?
Claude Trink and Mathieu Monville,

Pôle de plasturgie de l’Est (PPE), Saint-Avold (Moselle)

National Strategy


Decarbonated hydrogen: an interministerial strategy and renewed governance

Hoang Bui,
General Secretariat for Investment, under the authority of the Prime Minister


An ambitious strategy for the development of hydrogen in France: issues and challenges

Philippe Boucly,
President of France Hydrogène


Regulatory issues of risk management related to new hydrogen technologies

Bruno Debray, Benno Weinberger and Franz Lahaie,
INERIS, Verneuil-en-Halatte


Hydrogen, a regulator’s point of view

Ivan Faucheux,
Member of the college of the French Energy Regulatory Commission


A major asset in the French strategy: the important project of common European interest (PIIEC/IPCEI) on hydrogen

Olivier Marfaing,
General Directorate of Enterprises (DGE), Ministry of the Economy, Finance and Industrial and Digital Sovereignty


Supporting the deployment of the French hydrogen industry at the initiative of local ecosystems

David Marchal and Luc Bodineau,

Territorial projects and development of services and skills for the sector


The Lorraine coal basin, a territory that has long been interested in hydrogen

Gilbert Pitance,
Chairman of the Council of the IUT de Moselle Est – First Director of ALPHEA


Hydrogen Strategy: a new stage in the reindustrialization of a border region

Claude Trink,
President of the Pôle de plasturgie de l’Est (PPE),
Gilbert Pitance,
General Delegate of PPE


ISTHY: a test and certification center for the hydrogen industry

Michel Romand, Haitham S. Ramadan and Paul Morot,
ISTHY (Institute of Hydrogen Storage)


A training project anchored in a territory to increase the skills of hydrogen technicians: the ‟Terre de SyHyEn” project

Thierry Zimny,
Professor of analytical chemistry at the University of Lorraine,
Mathieu Monville,
Hydrogen project manager at the Pôle de Plasturgie de l’Est (PPE)


A course of excellence to train expert engineersin the field of hydrogen energy

Pr Nadia Yousfi Steiner,
University Professor

New uses


Decarbonizing the steel industry: the challenges of ‟green steel”

Jean-Pierre Birat,
Founder and Chairman of IF Steelman


Synthetic fuels produced from electrolytichydrogen and CO2 emissions from the cement sector: a vector for decarbonizing maritime transport

Pierre De Raphélis-Soissan,
Hynamics’ Development Director,
Arthur Parenty,
Hynamics’ Public Affairs Officer


Decarbonized mobility: the first bus retrofit project, the Normandy experience with Nomad

Thomas Tixier,
Territorial Marketing Manager Transdev Normandie,
Amandine Allard,
 Customer Manager Transdev Normandie,
Antoine Millet,
Operations Manager Transdev Le Havre


Hydrogen and truck freight transport

Jean-Pierre Hauet,
Chairman of the Scientific Committee of Équilibre des énergies,
Servan Lacire,
Director of R&D and Innovation at Bouygues Énergies & Services and Vice President of the Centrale Supelec Sustainable Energy Group


The hydrogen train

Stéphane Kaba and Laurent Dufour,

New infrastructures and new offers


Building a European electrolysis industry: the transition to the industrialization stage

Roland Héquet,
Vice President Strategy, Partnerships and Mobility, John Cockerill Hydrogen


Decarbonization of industry: the Hydrogen joker

Jean-Marc Leonhardt,


MosaHYc or the conversion of a methane transport network to pure hydrogen transport

Laurent Muzart and François Martin,
GRTgaz Hydrogen Division


Production of ‟turquoise” hydrogen by methane pyrolysis

Laurent Fulcheri,
Research Director, PSL University, Mines ParisTech, PERSEE, Processes, Renewable Energy and Energy Systems Center, Sophia Antipolis


The HyPSTER project: emergence of a new form of massive hydrogen storage essential to achieving carbon neutrality

Yann-Éric Moret,
Engineering student at the École Polytechnique, intern at Storengy


Decoupled Water Splitting for Green Hydrogen Production: Reshaping Water Electrolysi

Avner Rothschild,
Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa, Israel,
Hen Dotan,
H2Pro, 2 Ha-Tokhen street, Caesarea Business and Industrial Park, Israel,
Gideon Grader,
Department of Chemical Engineering, Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa, Israel


Green hydrogen in Morocco: state of play and prospects

Seddiq Sebbahi, Nouhaila Nabil and Samir Rachidi,
Research Institute for Solar Energy and New Energies ‒ IRESEN,
Mohammed El Ganaoui,
University of Lorraine,
Abdelilah Benyoussef,
Hassan II Academy of Sciences and Techniques (Morocco)


The discovery of natural hydrogen by Hydroma, a ‟Game Changer” for the energy transition

Asma Diallo, Cheick Sidi Tahara Cissé and Jacques Lemay,
Hydroma Inc.,
Denis Joseph Brière,
Chapman Petroleum Engineering



Public support for disruptive innovation

Christophe Strobel, Xavier Lachaume and Adrien Sutter,
General Directorate of Enterprises of the Ministry of Economy, Finance and Industrial and Digital Sovereignty









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