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The impact of the Internet of things on financial services: The insurance industry

By Patrick Durand and Laurent Félix
February 2019- Réalités Industrielles
The Internet of things (IoT) has advanced during the last ten years. It now compels recognition as a phenomenon disrupting many a sector. Manufacturers, the first to realize this, were soon joined by financial services. In finance, the majority of IoT projects are being conducted in the insurance industry (in particular: use cases in insurance for automobiles, ...
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Digital technology:
What risks and opportunities
for insurance companies?

By Thierry Martel
February 2019- Réalités Industrielles
Digital technology is disrupting the value chain in insurance. The client/insurer relationship is changing all along the line; but the moment of truth arrives whenever an accident occurs, a situation that digital technology helps us manage much better. The previous barriers to market entry have often become a competitive disadvantage, since they force insurers to devote substantial...
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Over-regulation in the insurance industry

By Arnaud Chneiweiss
August 2018 - Réalités Industrielles
French insurance companies are faced with a “regulatory avalanche”, an unprecedented accumulation of uncoordinated standards. This over-regulation, at national, European and international levels, is somewhat of a tribute to the key role this industry plays in contemporary society. However useless regulations can hamper both growth and innovation. ...
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Big data, pooling risks
and exclusion in the insurance industry

By Rémi Steiner
June 2018 - Digital issues
In a market economy, the theory of insurance leads insurers to set the premiums for policies as a function of the risks specific to policyholders. A hard question thus crops up: how to segment risks (an action reducing the effects of pooling risks) so as to keep clients from taking their business to competitors? Answering this question involves big data, a phenomenon referring to:
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Artificial intelligence
and insurance

By Patrick Dixneuf
March 2018 - Digital issues
Its use as a catchword should not keep us from seeing that artificial intelligence is attaining the stage of growth for an industrial and commercial rollout. AI is deeply changing many business processes as well as relations with customers and employees. How is the insurance industry to cope with these innovations? First of all, like other branches of the economy, it must assess the effects ...
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The majority of the articles published here were translated from French to English by the Translation Centre of the French economy and finance ministries.
The remaining articles were translated by Noal Mellott.

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