Digital Issues is a quarterly series (March, June, September and December) freely downloadable on, with a print version in French language.Focus of the series is on the issues of the digital transition for an enlightened, yet non necessarily expert, readership. Various viewpoints are being used between technology, economy and society as the Annales des Mines are used to doing in all their series. See membership of Editorial board


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N° 1 - March 2018 - Artificial intelligence, an issue of economy and civilization?

Issue editor: Jacques SERRIS,

Engineer from the Corps des Mines, Conseil Général de l’Économie (CGE)

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Enjeux numériques / Digital issues, a new series, new ambitions

Chair, Editorial board of Enjeux numériques / Digital issues


The series Annales des Mines has often addressed subjects related to digital technology and even devoted special issues to this topic. But it is now high time to found a journal dedicated to the challenges of digital technology. This new journal falls in line with the values and objectives of Annales des Mines: circulate ideas, clarify debates, analyze facts, draw persons together, describe future possibilities, float ideas and follow up on them, and draw the best from proposed utopias. To do this, the preferred means is to present contrasting technological, economic and societal viewpoints that are clearly formulated.
The launching of Enjeux numériques / Digital issues is also the occasion to reinvigorate our aspirations and adapt them to the ever growing presence of digital technology in our lives and times.

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Jacques SERRIS
Engineer from the Corps des Mines, Conseil Général de l’Économie (CGE)


You are looking at the first issue of Enjeux numériques / Digital Issues. This new quarterly in the series Annales des Mines intends to focus on the challenges raised by digital technology by soliciting viewpoints on the technology itself, the economy and society. This first issue is devoted to artificial intelligence, a topic that has attracted attention from these different viewpoints and crystallized reflections. The thoughts herein reflect an awareness of the scope of artificial intelligence (AI) even as we observe it developing around us.

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